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We Restore Cloudy Headlight Lenses

Heat, UV rays, exhaust gas and road debris can damage today`s polycarbonate headlight lenses and cause them to become oxidized and cloudy Cloudy headlights look bad, and they result in poor visibility at night wich can be unsafe. Now, instead of spending hundreds of dollars on expensive replacement headlights, let us restore your cloudy headlight lenses to look like NEW! Ask about headlight lense restoration today and let us clear it all up for you!

Our Tire Service

Installing, balancig new and used tires.

It is important to purchase your tires in pairs or sets of four. The reason for this is that you might be compromising safety if you mix new tires with old or different types of tires. Your new tires should be the same size, have a speed or performance rating, and meet or exceed the load capacity of your original tires.

Safety inspection


Car Air Conditioning Repair & Fill up


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